In consultation with Tom Campbell and John Adams, Nick Green started work on this document on 6/2/07.

Nick is a cybernetician, fellow of the Cybernetics Society since 1980. He has worked with Gordon Pask and Stafford Beer. He designed and project managed Compunet in 1981-1984 using aspects of VSM. In 1989 he took over as Chair and MD to 1993.

While researching neural net models of time series with Prof Antonia Jones at Cardiff University in 1997 he founded the Real Time Study Group. In 2003 in a presentation to HM Treasury he was advised "we are doing this". Subsequently NPfIT proved to have an architecture compliant with Stafford Beer's VSM but there are great costs and problems (House of Commons Committee of Public Accounts Department of Health: The National Programme for IT in the NHS 26 March 2007).

We aim to attract funding to create an Open Source alternative for wide application in both personal and enterprise use.

In due course a Trust Board will be set up to encourage free use in the developing world.

We invite participation from friends, colleagues and others with the necessary skills who share our vision.

Leonid Ototsky pointed out the applicability of our approach to Upper Ontology and suggested using ISO15926 for VSM.